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Bed and Breakfast Il Girasole
Address: Fontecerro Sud, 18/e - 02043 Contigliano (RI)
Tel/Fax: 0746.706043 - 338.4314327 - 338.4103102


Rate per person in double room and breakfast included:
Min € 25.00 / Max € 30,00

Lt. 42°24'10.71"N Lg. 12°46'37.34"E
Lt. 42.402975 Lg. 12.777039

Available services:
Short Italian Cooking courses
Assistance to the pilgrims
maps and specific material on the Way
wireless Internet,
shuttle service in case of bad weather or any problems
secure parking
for a stay of several days catering
Washing laundry service
Guide service all the way to request

Languages ​​spoken:
Italian, English