Saint Francis Walk route of faith

The Saint Francis Walk is the path that the Holy accomplished in the Holy Valley of Rieti. Through the paths and places that St. Francis loved nature and surrounded by ancient villages you can relive an unforgettable experience of Franciscan spirituality and purity, to rediscover the true values in the silence of our being or simply to find ourselves and look inward with depth. . The walk can be done on foot, by bike or by car.

First day:
-Afternoon arrival in the “Girasole B&B”, delivery of the map of the trails, welcome drink and accommodation in a room. -Visit to the medieval village of Contigliano (*) (*) If for any reason not possible to visit the village of Contigliano you can do the next day when I walk Greccio.

Day two:
Sanctuary-Contigliano Greccio-Contigliano -It starts from the “Girasole B&B” direction up area of Contigliano, cross the country and go to the location plan and a slight rise Omnia follow the path that takes its name from the spring coming out in places where top big Vascons women went to do laundry and where flocks drank. -Along the route you can make a stop at the Abbey of San Pastore recently refurbished, overlooking the beautiful valley of Rieti, where he arrived after about 1 hour and 30 minutes. -Leaving the Abbey on the right, follow Via San Shepherd leading to cross several times the provincial Greccio country. Reached the country of Greccio another 3 miles to the Sanctuary. -Visit to the Shrine and return to the “Girasole B&B”.

Third day:
Contigliano-Sanctuary of Fonte Colombo-Contigliano -It starts from the “Girasole B&B” in the direction of Rieti a few meters on the right path reaches above the valley of Canera. After a short stretch of road and reached the village of Poggio Tancia Fidoni. It is easy to take the path: just follow the smell of bread! (Turn right at the bakery). The first section along an old quarry is a bit ‘challenging, but do not worry, just after the trail through the woods is sweet at times where the landscape is vast. Driving along country roads, you reach the village of St. Elijah and about 2 km you reach the Sanctuary of Fonte Colombo. -Visit to the Shrine and return to the “Girasole B&B”.

Fourth day:
Sanctuary of Poggio-Contigliano Bustone-Contigliano -It starts from the “Girasole B&B” direction up area of Contigliano, cross country and carry on towards the New Church SP Reopasto Terria you reach the bridge over the River Velino. In Colle San Pastore, turn left and continue for Settecamini area, cross the reserve and Long Lakes in area Ripasottile Lanserra manufactured pumps. Continue in Ponte Crispoldi, until you cross the SP Terni. Towards Rieti until Crispoldi Bridge, turn left towards Poggio Bustone. Take the local road slightly uphill surrounded by oak trees until you reach the village of Borgo S. Peter (village of Poggio Bustone). The path now becomes a bit ‘more challenging, you reach the village of Poggio Bustone and through a series of alleys, steps and alleyways to get to the Shrine. -Visit to the Shrine and return to the “Girasole B&B” to request shuttle.

Fifth day:
Contigliano-Forest Sanctuary-Rieti-Contigliano It starts from the “Girasole B&B” in the direction of Rieti Tancia along the way to bridge the river Turano. Rieti until you reach the village of Central Square. Get off at the station yard, you run along the medieval walls to the junction for the forest. From here, a climb of about three kilometers to the Sanctuary. -Visit to the Shrine and return to the “Girasole B&B”.

Sixth day:
Contigliano-Labro-Beech St. Francis-Contigliano It starts from the “Girasole” in the direction of the medieval village of Labro, continue in the direction Pacce dirt road to Morro R. Here you get on S.S. Leonessa. At the junction with the restaurant “Da Maria” is continued for a road on the left next to the roadhouse. Climb up to the pine forest to the junction with the road “Cepparo” Live at Beech -Contemplation of St. Francis in Beech and return to “Girasole”.

N.B. Customized programs for shorter periods to be agreed.

At the beginning of the Way will be given all the necessary materials (paper maps and trails) in addition to the “Pilgrim’s Credential” that accompanies the pilgrims along the paths of the Way, which will be stamped at each step in the four shrines. At the end of the Way may be required “Certificate of Pilgrim ” in memory of the pilgrimage made​​.

On demand shuttle service for long runs or for any need.